Yoga in the office: How to balance your stressful office life

Yoga in the office: tips and exercises

Do you also struggle with stress in the office? In order not to fuel the daily restlessness in us even more, a regular balance is like balm for the soul. Yoga can serve as a catalyst for hectic and stress - even in the office! Tasks and obligations become easier again and a new sense of purpose emerges. We've put together 5 yoga exercises that also work wonderfully in the office!

Effectively counteract stress with yoga

Work stresses you out and you're constantly wondering why you have to do this and that right now and when you can go home again? Yoga in the office opens up a slightly different perspective on the matter: we are exactly where we are supposed to be. What we are doing has a certain meaning and that is good.

Especially European Ayurveda® connects to this concept. There is a reason why we were born in Europe and are supposed to work with the natural resources there. Because work is also an important part of spiritual practice. And if the many steps sometimes seem difficult to overcome, we should never forget that every work has its value and brings us forward spiritually. To support this thought, yoga offers us a little more joy and zest for everyday life.

Just sitting a lot weakens your back and spine, leads to tension and makes you sluggish - yoga strengthens your back and makes you more mobile, wakes up the brain cells and also gets the production of happy hormones going. All you need now is the will to reduce stress, a few minutes of your time and a motivated smile.

5 yoga exercises that also work in the office

Even if you don't get far away from your desk during work - with these 5 yoga exercises you will find more relaxation, but also work energy:

Exercise 1: Stimulate circulation

Before you start, ideally prepare yourself with a little exercise. It stimulates the circulation, refreshes you internally and brings you joy for the start:

Drink a glass of water.

  • Then rub your hands together vigorously.
  • Start with the insides and then rub the back of the other hand with one hand.
  • Do this for about 3 minutes.
  • Now clap your hands, tap the edges of your hands and shake them out.

Now you can excellently start with the actual yoga exercises.

Exercise 2: The Office Panther

With this yoga exercise you do something good for your back, and especially your intervertebral discs:

  • Rest your hands on your thighs, elbows pointing outward.
  • Now bend forward with your back straight. Press your shoulders back and shoulder blades together.
  • Place your chest on your thighs and let your head hang loosely.
  • Breathe in and slowly raise your head.
  • Exhale and straighten up again - with a hunched back. Pull in the abdominal wall strongly.
  • Sit upright and take a deep breath.
  • Exhale and bend forward again.

You can repeat this exercise several times. It has a really pleasant effect on a stiff back. Do it like the panther.

Yoga in the office can be a real boon.

Exercise 3: The side bend

This exercise is quite simple to perform - it isespecially beneficial for the kidneys:

  • Rest your hands on your thighs again.
  • Breathe in and stretch the right arm upwards vigorously.
  • Hold your breath and bend to the left.
  • Exhale and bring the arm back, you can rest the hand again.
  • Now repeat the same with the left arm and bend to the right.
  • A change of 8 times is optimal.

Here also the effect of the so-called "picking stars" is intensified! So in this exercise the liver, stomach, spleen and pancreas are activated. The breathing volume is increased. Get a lot of positive energy and pass it on.

Exercise 4: Uttkatasana

Now it's getting more intense - this exercise strengthens your muscles after sitting for a long time:

  • Slide very close to the edge of the chair.
  • Place your feet hip-width apart and press them firmly into the floor.
  • Breathe in and straighten your spine as you do so.
  • On the exhalation, pull the abdomen very slightly inward.
  • Inhale and stretch the arms upwards.
  • Now try to stand up very slowly, using only your exhalation.
  • Three centimeters above the floor try to hold the position slowly. Note: do not stretch your legs, your knees should not come over your toes - push your knees back so far that you can see approximately your big toes.
  • Inhale and push up the sternum.
  • Exhale and push the abdominal wall inward. This will keep your lower back nice and long.
  • Now lower the arms on the exhalation and straighten them again on the inhalation.
  • Then release very slowly with the exhalation and sit again.
  • Do this for 5-6 breaths, short pause and again if you feel like it.

Good luck - you will feel how the new energy awakens your spirits!

Exercise 5: Moon Breathing

If you're looking for relaxation and calm, try this yoga exercise:

  • Sit up straight.
  • Place the thumb of your right hand on the right nostril and the ring finger on the left nostril.
  • Bend the index and middle fingers and stretch the little finger.
  • Your left hand is on your left thigh.
  • Now breathe out and in through both nostrils.
  • Close the left nostril with the ring finger and exhale through the right one.
  • Now close the right nostril with your thumb and inhale on the left.
  • In your mind, as you inhale, take in the moon energy.
  • Stay in this rhythm - exhale on the right, inhale on the left.
  • The exercise lasts for 3-5 minutes. Take a short time afterwards to feel the effect.

Moon breathing directs our attention inward. The energy gained gives you deep peace. Perfect for a stressful day at work.


Stress doesn't have to dominate your everyday life. Take a few minutes a day in the office to recharge your batteries with yoga. Even a few simple exercises are incredibly good for your body, mind and soul. Have fun trying them out!

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