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Here in the blog of the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Thiersee in Tyrol you will find exciting and informative articles about the Ayurvedic way of life. Learn more about Ayurvedic holism, discover delicious recipes from Ayurvedic cuisine and read about our Yoga Insights.


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Peanut date tart

Ayurvedic Cuisine: Peanut date tart

Cook the recipe from our creative kitchen team led by chef Leonard Müller at home and enjoy an Ayurvedic peanut date tart that not only tastes good, but also gives your body healthy energy!

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Biohacking Ayurveda

Biohacking and Ayurveda: the perfect symbiosis of science and tradition

Biohacking is in vogue: the term stands for a wide range of activities and approaches that people use to improve their health, increase their performance and optimize their well-being. Interestingly, many biohacking tips are in line with the healing methods of Ayurveda. Learn how to combine the wisdom of Ayurveda with the latest findings from biohacking.

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Ayurveda Knowledge

Intestinal cleansing in Ayurveda

Our intestines do a lot of work every day, so that a healthy intestinal flora is indispensable for the entire organism. So that harmful bacteria and co. are completely eliminated

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Ayurveda gut health microbiome

Strengthen your gut health through an Ayurvedic lifestyle

Research over the last few decades has painted a clear picture: you are only as healthy as your intestinal flora! The sophisticated interplay of different microorganisms in your digestive system protects you from illness and contributes significantly to your well-being. Reason enough to give your gut the attention it deserves through a healthy, Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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Ayurveda Autophagy

Autophagy: Rejuvenate your cells with European Ayurveda®

One of the most important processes for self-healing and longevity of the body is called autophagy. In this process, your cells break down defective or no longer needed components and renew themselves. European Ayurveda® can effectively support this cleansing process and thus increase your well-being and longevity.

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Longevity: healthy ageing with European Ayurveda®

Longevity: healthy ageing with European Ayurveda®

Longevity, often referred to as longevity, is not only influenced by genes, but also by environmental factors and individual behavior. The holistic approach of European Ayurveda® offers you proven therapies and routines for healthy ageing.

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European Ayurveda® offers optimal solutions for more harmony, health, clarity and balance. It brings you back on track and helps you to realize who you are. For me it is an attitude towards life that helps us to live a sustainable life - for us and our children, always in harmony with nature.

I am convinced that we are allowed to go new ways to make life here on earth more sustainable. I am also in favour of us taking sustainable paths in tourism and being more committed to ourselves as human beings and to nature. However, we can learn to value our "I" and to take care of ourselves independently.

And this is exactly why European Ayurveda® is the key to a healthy and happy life.

Whether here in the Resort or "online": The knowledge of "Long Life" will accompany and guide you in the long run, so that you can live your true being and your potential.

Lots of love

Yours, Elisabeth Mauracher

Pioneer & Visionary of European Ayurveda, Expert for European Ayurveda & Mindful Empowerment, Female Business Coach & Founder of Glory Female Life

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