The Kapha time comes

According to Ayurveda, everything consists of the five elements water, earth, space (ether), air and fire, which are then assigned to the three doshas. Thus, the Kapha dosha is a mixture of water and earth and is determined, among other things, by the properties sweet, heavy, cold, oily, sluggish and soft. There are people in whom the kapha dosha is generally predominant and this excess can be balanced with measures that counteract these mentioned qualities. Kapha is mainly responsible for building up the tissues, bones and joints and thus provides stability. This is also reflected in nature, - especially in spring. When, after the calm of winter, nature awakens to new life, Ayurveda also says - the Kapha time is coming.

What does Kapha time mean to you?

In Ayurveda, man is always connected with nature. Even if we have lost sight of this in our modern times and through our performance-oriented lifestyle. We force ourselves to deliver the same performance every day - regardless of the season. But the change of seasons makes itself felt in us, even if we are not always aware of it. When the harshness of winter - that is, snow or ice - begins to melt due to the warmth of spring, a similar process happens within ourselves.

The Kapha accumulated in winter - for example by eating too much and too sweet - becomes noticeable in spring. This can be visible, for example, through weight gain or swelling, but also noticeable through a certain heaviness, lethargy and sluggishness. For those affected, allergies such as hay fever also become an issue again and colds with mucus formation also occur more often. Although the first warming rays of sunshine keep calling us outside, some are all too familiar with the symptom of springtime fatigue. This general heaviness takes its toll on our physical and mental spirits. However, if you are aware of this, you can prepare yourself well in harmony with nature when the Kapha time comes.  

The Kapha time comes

7 days Panchkarma cure - in your own home

Kapha time is fasting time

It is significant that in various cultures and religions - not only in Ayurveda - a form of fasting was and is practiced - and very often in spring. And in fact, right now is a very good time with a thorough detox to counteract a kapha excess. An Ayurvedic detox cure, for example, is not only aimed at removing the toxins and waste products accumulated in the body, but also builds up your immune system as a prevention against colds and generally gives you a real energy booster.

In our European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof we offer different detox cures. It is therefore advisable to first clarify with the expert team on site which detox cure is best suited for you. Depending on your constitution - but of course also on your personal time - different lengths of stay are possible. What they all have in common is that not only the body is detoxified, but also the soul is cleansed. So that you can also mentally free yourself from heaviness and blockages and nothing stands in the way of your personal blossoming. We give you a few tips for the coming Kapha time right here on the way. And if you can't do a detox cure for various reasons, there's the alternative book "Die 7-Tage-Panchakarma-Kur für zu Hause" with TV star Andrea Kathrin Loewig. You can also read more about the content in our blog.

The Kapha time comes

Exercise helps you balance your kapha dosha

Diet: light, warm food

Too much Kapha slows down the digestive system and makes the metabolism sluggish. In order to get it going again and thus also to be able to eliminate the toxins, the appropriate diet is particularly important. As already mentioned, Kapha is mainly determined by the qualities sweet, heavy, cold and oily. Therefore, bitter, light, dry and warming meals are now in demand - at most three times a day, so preferably without snacks in between. 

Kapha-reducing herbs can provide the - naturally desired - bitter factor as a spice or also in the form of teas. These have a stimulating effect and boost the metabolism properly. These include, for example, turmeric, thyme, ginger, saffron, garlic or cumin. You can find a fine mixture in our online store. A special Kapha tea with natural herbs is also really good for you now. In addition, you can boil water after getting up, fill it into a thermos and drink it throughout the day. Hot water is very good for your digestive system now. Important: To avoid diluting your digestive juices, always drink about half an hour before and after eating and not during. Buy organic items, preferably from the region and make sure that you prefer seasonal vegetables and fruits.

With movement into the Kapha time

The awakening of nature is the signal for more movement. We have been resting and storing up energy during the winter, and now we need to let it blossom in the form of sports, dance and, above all, yoga. Daily walks, regular jogging laps, biking, walking or regular yoga sessions after getting up: Whatever attracts you, the main thing is to get moving, sweat quietly and let the energies flow. The units can now be a little more demanding. This will also help you lose the weight you put on in the winter. This will make you feel much lighter and more comfortable in your body.

Massages stimulate the metabolism

The Kapha time comes

The European Ayurveda® "Let it go" Box

You can also support the elimination of toxins externally. The regular movements of a massage have a stimulating effect on the tissue and help to remove waste products. To counteract the Kapha characteristics, dry massages such as Garshana, i.e. without oil, are more suitable. This is a gentle massage with raw silk gloves.

Emotional cleansing

Spring cleaning at the beginning of the warm season means much more than deep cleaning your home. You will automatically say goodbye to things that you no longer need or that may even be blocking you. Your thoughts also need such a spring cleaning. Free yourself from pent-up feelings and come into awareness with loving mantras and mindfulness rituals. When the Kapha time comes, the motto is: Let go. And that on all levels. Our European Ayurveda® "Let it go" kit is dedicated to this topic with selected articles and instructions so that you can specifically let go.

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