The Panchakarma cure at home

The Panchakarma cure at home

Anyone can do Ayurveda! That is perhaps also the basic idea of the book "The 7-day Panchakarma cure for home", which actress, dubbing artist, dancer and singer Andrea Kathrin Loewig has brought out in collaboration with European Ayurveda® pioneer and EA Resort Sonnhof Managing Director Elisabeth Mauracher and Ayurvedic physician Gaurav Sharma. The Panchakarma cure for home leads 7 days through your Detox cure, where not only the body purifies and refuels new energy, but also mind and soul come into balance. A wonderful experience that you may experience uncomplicated and comfortable in your own home.

The popular actress Andrea Kathrin Loewig guides you 7 days through the cure for at home

Andrea Kathrin Loewig and European Ayurveda®.

In the popular series "In aller Freundschaft," Andrea Kathrin Loewig plays the doctor Dr. Globisch. In her private life, however, Loewig is very interested in the holistic approach to medicine and sees potential in conventional orthodox medicine being supplemented by other healing methods. Even though she herself has always been in touch with Ayurveda, it took a while until her path finally led her to Tyrol to the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof and thus to the concept of European Ayurveda®.

It was probably also the right moment. Because the actress with the open nature was exactly in the phase of life in which it is about recognizing what is really important to you. After her Panchakarma Light treatment, the artist felt not only the new energy within her, but also her changed perception of herself and her surroundings. A process of awareness that sharpens the senses occurred, and it became a matter of the heart for Loewig to share this experience. And so the book "The 7-Day Panchakarma Cure for the Home" was born. Because not everyone can afford an Ayurvedic cure lasting several weeks - be it for financial or time reasons. But if the willingness for change is there, then this book is a good way to start with holistic detoxing

What exactly is Panchakarma?

As the queen of all Ayurvedic cures, Panchakarma is particularly intensive and thus a profound measure to regain balance both physically and psychologically. As a guided cure in an appropriate facility - such as the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof - it is accompanied by a team of experts, Ayurvedic physicians as well as doctors. Depending on the complaint, a classic Panchakarma cure can last several weeks. It is particularly suitable for gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, skin diseases, chronic pain and also delays the aging process, among other things, because fasting renews cells. Translated Panchakarma means as much as "Five actions", these five forms of treatment are:

  • Vamana (therapeutic vomiting)
  • Virechana (purging)
  • Anuvasan Basti (fat enema) and Asthapana Basti (fatless enema with herbal medicine).
  • Nasya (cleansing of the head area through sinus treatments).
  • Oils (oiling, oil massages)

In addition, there is the - especially for us in the West - important part of "mental purification" with yoga, meditations, breathing exercises and suggestions for self-reflection.

Ayurvedic physician Gaurav Sharma gives in the book interesting insights into the philosophy of Ayurveda

The responsibility to look after yourself

In Ayurveda, not only body, mind and soul are understood as a unity, rather we are one with the cosmos, nature and its changing tides. However, our modern society, which is trimmed to performance, literally forces us to deliver the same performance at any time. So we demand something of ourselves that is completely at odds with nature. This alienation has not only led us to promote diseases that are now particularly rampant in our Western world, but also to be in disbalance with ourselves.

Constantly betraying our own health has almost become a given. If we don't have stress, we don't seem to fulfill a certain image of success. However, according to Ayurveda, it is the responsibility of each individual to take good care of themselves, holistically. So according to this approach, you yourself are always your very first doctor. We have forgotten to cultivate this kind of self-responsibility. The motto we have made a habit of instead is to function, at any cost. But as Ayurvedic physician Gaurav Sharma aptly says, diseases arise from habits.

Panchakarma and European Ayurveda® at home

"The 7-day Panchakarma cure for home" is so simply structured that you can implement it comfortably in your own four walls

European Ayurveda® therefore combines the ancient Indian healing teachings of Ayurveda with the demands of the Western world. Thus, complaints such as migraine, tension headaches, back problems, stress-related irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety or burn-out come to the fore. And the wide range of options also brings some people to the brink of despair. The agony of choice of lifestyles and the dogma of having to experience as much as possible plunges us into emotional stress. For a holistically healthy life, European Ayurveda® emphasizes the following:

  • Breathing
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Physical exercise
  • Spiritual balance

"The 7-Day Panchakarma Cure for Home" does not claim to replace a Panchakarma cure. Rather, it is about finding a way to get back in touch with yourself and your own feelings. Without having to turn your life completely upside down. The book is therefore particularly easy to implement, offers a brief introduction to Ayurvedic philosophy, the concept of European Ayurveda® and gives you valuable tips and tricks from the Detox pantry to the Detox emergency pharmacy.

Course of the cure at home

From day 1 to day 7, a structured process guides you through your detox cure. From the morning routine to the evening ritual. You will gain exciting insights into the individual chakras and will also be inspired to meditate and move with breathing and yoga exercises. Massages are also an important part of the cure, in addition to exercises, thought-provoking or questions for self-reflection and beautiful mindfulness rituals. Among them, for example, a gratitude list or the soul letter. Delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner round out the program.

And when the seven days are finally over, the book also gives you further tips on how to integrate your newfound attitude to life into your everyday life. These help you to get rid of unhealthy habits, to allow change and to develop a healthy relationship with your diet. In addition, there are other delicious recipes in addition to the Detox cure as a stimulus for a healthy lifestyle. As I said, the book does not replace a real Panchakarma cure, but it can help you to get the best out of yourself and to sharpen your awareness of what is really good for you. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with your Panchakarma cure at home!

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