European Ayurveda® tips for more lightness

10 European Ayurveda® tips for more lightness

That uncomfortable feeling of heaviness. We all know it all too well. Both physically and mentally, stress can get to us. When we no longer feel comfortable in our own skin, are simply out of balance and everything seems somehow tough and sluggish. Whether it's an unhealthy diet, too much stress or a general [...]

Strengthen your Ayurveda type in winter

Strengthen your Ayurveda type in winter

Regardless of your own constellation, a certain dosha predominates in the respective season. In late autumn or with the beginning of winter we are at the peak of Vata. At the same time a change to Kapha Dosha takes place. This brings with it certain characteristics to which we react both physically and mentally. And differently - depending [...]

Delicious detox recipes for Pitta

Delicious detox recipes for your PItta

Nutrition is the most important basis in Ayurveda. And a perfect tool for bringing your individual Dosha constellation into balance. The key is, as always, awareness and mindfulness. More specifically, be aware of what dosha type you are and pay attention to what foods you can use to balance your doshas. To prevent an imbalance, no [...]