Yoga beginners: How to make your first yoga session a complete success

How to make your first yoga class a success

Flowing movements, a stylish outfit, acrobatic poses - guidebooks, videos, etc. convey a pretty strict idea of what yoga should look like. If you trust social media, a daily yoga session is part of a healthy lifestyle. However, if you're at the beginning of your yoga journey, you're probably skeptical: can I even do this? The answer is a resounding yes! Because anyone can do yoga, and with the right preparation, even the very first session on the mat will be a success. In European Ayurveda®, yoga is part of a healthy consciousness.

10 Tips for Yoga Beginners

Of course, yoga is not about following strict rules and working through lists. So the following list is just food for thought, but no less helpful for getting in the mood for the first yoga session!

1. pre-inform yourself: Which yoga suits me?

There are many different types of yoga, and it is all the more important to find out what suits your type best before your first session. In many studios, for example, there are courses with Hatha yoga. In this form, it is about assuming certain poses such as the warrior or the crow.

Hatha yoga is therefore body-based and definitely requires some movement. Yin yoga, on the other hand, is different: Here you stay in passive positions and relax. If you have already read up a bit more, you can also orientate yourself on the principles of Ayurveda y oga and thus find your personal style.

2. questions: How is the studio equipped?

As a rule, most studios offer accessories such as yoga mats and blocks for rent. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to ask again before the class if you need to bring certain equipment. By the way, don't hesitate to use assistive devices! Because this is not a sign of weakness, but of mindfulness and a positive relationship with your body.

3. leave perfection to the left

In everyday life, you already put enough pressure on yourself to perform. So tell yourself before your first yoga session: it doesn't have to be perfect. The fact that your fingertips may not quite reach the floor the first time, or that your cobra may not yet rise that high, is perfectly normal. After all, the reassuring thing about yoga is precisely that the journey is the destination. You made it to the mat - the rest is not so important! Because you do it alone for you, and in such a way that you feel good!

4. respect the group

Women on a yoga mat during a yoga session
It is important to respect the other yogis in the group and to adapt to the group.

Show respect for the other yogis and arrive on time, ideally a few minutes before the class starts. This way you can find your way around, exchange a few words with the course leader and tune in calmly.

If you are a very lively person, it is best to prepare yourself early on for a period of silence. Whispered conversations and comments are disturbing to others and to yourself. Instead, enjoy the quiet and try to let the silence flow into your body and mind.

5. accept what comes

Unfortunately, the fact that you show respect does not necessarily mean that everyone else does too. Nevertheless, this does not have to spoil the first yoga session.

See strong perfume or deodorant smells, mumbling or loud panting simply as very personal little hurdles that you can easily overcome.

6. choose the right clothes

If you like the yoga outfit, that's a nice side effect - but the look shouldn't come first. A comfortable feel and yoga suitability are much more important. Soft fabrics and loose-fitting clothes perfectly complement the flowing movements. The branded look from head to toe may look good in the gym, but it's usually of little use on the yoga mat.

7. eat smart

There are some yoga exercises that you spend in the prone position. This can be uncomfortable if you have eaten a lot just before the yoga class.

Ideally, you should not eat anything up to two hours before the start. If you do get a little hungry or have no other choice due to time constraints, it' s better to eat light food instead of heavy, greasy food.

8. go on the mat with the right attitude

Yoga is not a competition. Especially before the first session, it doesn't hurt to tell yourself that several times. During the exercises, pay attention to your body alone, discover what it can do - and accept from the beginning that it can't do some things (yet).

By the way: Don't expect to be extremely stretchy, muscular and deeply relaxed after just one yoga class. Be aware that you are only at the beginning of a longer process.

9. engage with the new

For beginners, it may seem strange at first to just breathe consciously while kneeling, standing or lying still. But always remember: all the other people in the room are doing it too, and doing it because it feels good. Go into the class with curiosity and leave your doubts at home.

10. look forward to the experience!

This last point is as self-explanatory as it is important. Yoga is about finding serenity and balance. This doesn't happen at the push of a button and works better some days than others. Especially in the first yoga session, but also on the rest of the journey, one fact is in the foreground: the conscious decision to do something good for body and mind. Just let the rest come to you. We wish you a lot of fun!

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