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EA Annual horoscope

With the new year, we are also facing a new beginning. Especially in the first weeks we think a lot about what we can do better or differently this year. Do you already have resolutions for the year that you would like to implement? How and when we should or can tackle projects is also influenced by the three bioenergies. Vata, Pitta and Kapha bring different conditions at different times of the year and day, which can help things go better for us. And so the three doshas also influence the sign of the zodiac under which we were born. In astrology and Ayurveda, it is believed that each zodiac sign is associated with its own unique energies, skills and abilities. This does not mean that your talents are dependent on them. With our European Ayurveda® yearly horoscope you will get some more clarity.

The annual horoscope for the zodiac signs from January to March


The winter star sign is characterized by a healthy dose of realistic attitude to life, determination and forward thinking. Capricorn is a grounded type who prefers to approach things with a calm head. You realize, here Kapha with its constancy hits full force. However, this also has the consequence that the Capricorn is quickly perceived as cool, unapproachable and very stubborn. Admittedly, this sign of the zodiac does not change its mind so quickly. Since Kapha belongs to the main energy of Capricorn, especially the beginning of the year is "his" time. With calmness, consistency and cool head, new plans can be made now. With the increased emergence of Vata energies in spring, these can then also be put into action.

Balance Box is good for the zodiac signs in the year horoscope


Aquarians are free spirits who love independence. They love the new and are open and receptive to others. Creativity, empathy and flexibility are among their strengths. No wonder, because Vata, the dosha of movement, flows through the zodiac sign with its energies. For Aquarius, deep friendships are as important as justice. However, with too much Vata energy, Aquarius can also quickly appear flighty, unreliable and erratic. Therefore, it is recommended for people born under this zodiac sign to meditate regularly to strengthen the inner balance. The European Ayurveda® Balance Kit is also well suited for this purpose. Due to the many Vata energies in spring, this is also the season for Aquarians to feel super well.


Pisces-born people have a good, profound sense of humor. For positive vibes is particularly important to this zodiac sign. This has the simple reason that Pisces are very empathic and sensitive. Accordingly, they have a good intuition, which they can also rely on in most cases. Depending on the situation, the Pisces also acts on this feeling without rushing into an adventure. This is because the Kapha energy ensures that this zodiac sign keeps its feet on the ground. Due to its high sensitivity, Pisces can also be depressed more quickly. That is why a good bond with yourself is important. If you belong to the Pisces, you should work a lot with affirmations and meditate regularly.

The annual horoscope for the zodiac signs from April to June


Aries tackles new tasks with enthusiasm. Independent, spontaneous and with a lot of willpower, he does not let himself be easily diverted from his path. As a doer, with temperament and open-hearted person, Aries feel professionally comfortable especially in self-employment. The sign of the zodiac is known for its "head through the wall" mentality. Can't do, won't do, and detours are just annoying. No wonder, because Aries is closely connected with the dosha Pitta, the fire bioenergy. This causes the liveliness, but can also sometimes quickly degenerate into stubbornness and outbursts of anger. Yoga and breaks from everyday life help to keep Pitta in balance. How about a quiet evening on the couch and a Pitta tea from our store? This way, even the fiery Aries will keep a cool head.


Powerful, patient and loving are attributes that characterize the typical Taurus. Associated with the element earth and the dosha kapha, this zodiac sign always radiates a certain calmness. Reliably, he thinks about every step before putting them into action. This makes him a reliable partner, whether in friendship, job or family. But woe, the bull is irritated once. Then there is no stopping him and the otherwise gentle Taurus defends himself without consideration of losses. With too much Kapha, the bull also tends to jealousy or great attachment. Good communication, time out for yourself and a diet that is not too heavy are the key to balance.


Creative, communicative, sociable and very lively, the Gemini often does not know where to start and stop. In European Ayurveda® we associate the Vata dosha with this zodiac sign. The element of air dominates and bio-energy has a strong effect on people born under this constellation. Gemini loves the new and unknown, likes to network and are absolute team players. However, when Vata takes over, it also quickly affects this constellation. Inner restlessness, stress, headaches and a weakened immune system are then quickly the order of the day. For strong defenses we recommend e.g. the EA® Energy Shot from our store.

The signs of the zodiac from July to September


Empathic, sensitive and emotionally oriented, the saying "hard shell - soft core" applies particularly well to the Cancer. Because the sign of the zodiac likes to appear rougher on the outside than it actually is. Cancer is a people-oriented and sensitive person. This means that he is necessarily out in crowds, but definitely appreciates the company of his loved ones. With the water element and kapha in the energies, stability and mindfulness are very important to Cancer. However, as sensitive as he is, he can also be very sensitive at times. Arguments, criticism or hostility definitely hit a Cancer harder than other zodiac signs. Then it also takes a while until he allows insight behind his shell again. In order to keep body, mind and soul balanced, we at European Ayurveda® recommend a detox cure to let go of old ballast and negative energies.


Temperamental, dominant, and often extroverted, Leo's like to show you the ropes. Lions are excellent team leaders and managers. With their present appearance they clearly show what they want - quite clearly, here the fire dosha Pitta unfolds in its full power. However, this can also quickly turn into arrogance, choleric and hot temper. In addition, they can be resentful. Accordingly, it is important for Leo to take a breath every now and then. Nutrition also contributes to good inner stability. A crisp salad or fresh fruit such as apples, pears or melons should definitely be on the menu. A relaxing sport, such as swimming, yoga or light walks do the Leo really good. You can find ideas for this in our EA® cookbook.


Analyzing, thoughtful, caring and dutiful, Virgo always tries to keep the overview. People born under this zodiac sign are characterized by a loving and cautious nature. In terms of bio-energies, Virgo is particularly influenced by Vata. Accordingly, she may not be able to concentrate on the essentials because of all the thinking. Meditations, yoga exercises and affirmations help with this. Since Vata also becomes stronger again with the onset of autumn, now is once again a promising opportunity to tackle projects of the heart. 

The signs of the zodiac from October to December


Balance is already in the name of this zodiac sign. And this runs through many of their character traits. Harmony and teamwork are among their strengths. These are all positive influences of the Vata doshas. With too much stress, however, the Libra can sometimes become erratic. In addition, she is said to have a certain fickleness - making decisions is sometimes very difficult for her. Here it helps to pause sometimes and withdraw from the carousel of thoughts.


Challenging, courageous and cunning, the Scorpio faces every hurdle that life offers. Giving up is the last option for him. With creativity and a lot of initiative, Scorpio people also bring a lot of things forward in the job, as well as in everyday life. Thanks to Pitta, the fire dosha, a lot of energy and drive is available. But be careful, not for nothing is this zodiac sign a poisonous animal. If the Scorpio feels attacked or treated unfairly, he sometimes stings - which can lead to conflicts. To prevent the Scorpio's mind from overheating, it is important to do calming exercises regularly. Especially sleep is essential for the Scorpio. With these tips we show you how you can improve your sleep with European Ayurveda®.  


Humorous, optimistic and full of energy, Sagittarius always stands up for things that are important to them. For them, no path is too far and no goal unattainable. This feeling is contagious, because Sagittarius knows how to motivate those around him. This drive is also due to Pitta. Sagittarians see the good in the whole and are quickly inspired. This can be dangerous if they get too involved in a project. Accordingly, it is important to offer Sagittarians a balance so that they do not get stuck on one thing. An evening out with friends, cooking together or simply going on a trip is a welcome alternative.

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