Purification - Why it makes sense and how it works

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Don't we all long to feel good in our bodies, to be in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings? Detoxifying our body, mind and soul helps us to create a healthy building block for sustainable well-being. Nowadays, a purification or detoxification cure is also often known under the modern term "detox".

In today's world, where everything happens quickly and we often only function without really noticing what we are actually doing, we find it increasingly difficult to keep body, mind and soul in harmony. We often lose our "balance" and no longer know what is good for us and what is not.

So it also happens that our body keeps accumulating "ama" (= undigested matter that sticks in the body), i.e. "slags", which we can get rid of through regular purification or detoxification. This happens due to poor nutrition, the use of the wrong foods, but also due to environmental pollution such as heavy metals, exhaust fumes, etc. The most common source of "waste builders" today, however, is stress.

Just as we take our car in for a service every year to keep it "fit", we should actually also take care of ourselves. A regular service prevents major "damage" - so does keeping your body clean through detoxification.

You should be worth doing something good for your body, mind and soul on a regular basis.

From the building and breaking down processes in humans

The substance of all metabolic organs, muscles, sensory organs, bones etc. in the human organism are broken down and rebuilt in the constant flow of metabolism. After about seven years, the entire physical substance is completely transformed and renewed.

The balance between building up and breaking down varies according to age, season, physical and mental activity, health and nutritional situation. In the young child, the physical organism naturally builds up predominantly, while it breaks down more in old age. In midlife, the processes of building up and breaking down are balanced.

Therefore, regular cleansing cures can be a useful help for every person from the age of 35. The degradation processes namely produce substances such as uric acid, urea and bilirubin, which can no longer be kept in the life stream by the organism. These substances then tend to become heavy and the organism tries to excrete them with more or less success. With the increased occurrence of 'excretory' substances (e.g. in the old or sick organism or with reduced excretory capacity as a result of kidney weakness), these substances are (temporarily) deposited.

Purification during sleep

The daytime consciousness and physical activity of the human being can only unfold if carbohydrates, fats and proteins are broken down. In the course of the day, more excretory substances are formed in every human organism, which are only partially excreted. The rest is temporarily deposited, especially in the connective tissue. This is one reason why we become heavy and tired in the evening.

These substances must now be immediately dissolved and cleared away through sleep. After a restful sleep, one is fresh, lively and pure again. During sleep, we live with our energy-consuming, i.e. degrading, consciousness outside our physical organisation. This gives the physical organisation the opportunity to eliminate the substances deposited during the day. That is why the morning urine is dark.

With Sleep disorders this cleansing process is extremely difficult, which is why a great deal is gained when the chronically ill person can once again sleep properly. Natural cleansing through sleep is irreplaceable. With the help of a purification cure , however, it is possible to support the organism.

During purging, ama is seized, redissolved and excreted

The main goal of every purification is to release and dissolve Ama from your system and then to eliminate it from the body. Now, purification in the living organism takes place according to very specific laws. A deposited substance that has settled in the organism cannot be eliminated so easily. It must first be seized and dissolved in body fluid.

With ghee, slags are bound and released.

This happens during a Pancha Karma Cure with the help of "Ghee" - clarified medicated butter.

The waste products bound to the ghee and released can already be partially eliminated from the system through the support of oil massages via the skin or via bowel movements.

However, a large part of the waste accumulates in the digestive tract and is removed from the body through the purging day "Virechana". On the cleansing day, the entire digestive system, from the stomach to the rectum, empties itself completely to ensure that all waste products have left the body.

During the purification process, the amount of food is crucial. This should be chosen loosely according to an Arabian saying: "Eat a third, drink a third, leave a third empty for reflection". However, one should only eat when one has a real appetite, not completely satiate oneself, but stop eating with desire.

Build-up phase after purification

It is especially important to slowly and purposefully rebuild your system after each detoxification. Food is slowly increased, the body is strengthened again and any residual waste products are eliminated from the intestines with enemas and the intestinal environment is restored with oil enemas. In addition, special treatments during a purification cure ensure that you feel good in your body again and can start your everyday life fresh and full of energy.

Soothing applications play an important role in the recovery phase.


Detoxing is a balm for body, mind and soul and should be integrated into our lives on a regular basis. There are various forms of detoxification. Depending on your goals and time availability, you can opt for a gentle or an intensive clean se. A gentle cleansing can be Detox Cures can be carried out. For an intensive cleansing, the queen of Ayurvedic cures, the Pancha Karma Cure, is a good choice. If it is not possible for you to take a cure at the moment, then you can also purify at home to start with. You can find out how this works here.

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