Your Retreat with European Ayurveda®

Your Retreat with European Ayurveda®

Retreats are currently a true health trend. In the past, these have taken off, especially in connection with yoga. For this purpose, interested parties have also traveled abroad, especially to India, in order to experience a time-out with intensive yoga far away from home. But in the meantime, the term retreat is understood to mean much more. It is a kind of symbiosis of vacation, rest and relaxation with the added value of giving yourself valuable time and in this way doing something for your own health and well-being.

At the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof it goes a few levels deeper. You experience your retreat with European Ayurveda® in combination with Ayurvedic programs during a stay at our hotel. Here the concept of EA®, the special power place in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains and of course the basic factor of retreats play together in such a way that at the end you should start into a more positive life both physically and mentally. Yoga and meditations are part of the package, but not everything. But what exactly is a retreat with European Ayurveda®? Let's take a closer look:

Your Retreat with European Ayurveda®
The quiet Hinterthiersee valley is perfect for your retreat.

Time out, retreat and refuge - what a retreat is all about

The term retreat means, among other things, "retreat", but terms such as refuge and time-out also resonate in the meaning. In further consequence one means with it a spatial and also mental retreat from the used environment and the everyday life. However, this has a very long tradition - even if they were interpreted differently. Especially in the field of religions - including Christianity, Buddhism and other faiths - the departure from the mundane world meant turning to the spiritual. In modern retreats, this is not the case, or at least the meaning has shifted. The focus is not on a spiritual entity, but on yourself with body, mind and soul.

European Ayurveda® is also about getting out of a comfort zone that is no longer good for you by leaving your usual environment. Your attention is awakened and you are allowed to focus completely on yourself. This is a multi-layered process that manifests beautifully in our cures. The spatial change is actually important because we repeat certain patterns in our everyday life. Because we are used to it. But these very patterns can prevent us from living a healthy and happy life or even from discovering our potential.

Mindfulness instead of distraction

To go through life with awareness means to be able to perceive with sharpened senses. Knowing yourself, exposing your patterns and really paying attention to what you eat will lead to a full life. And that doesn't just mean food. Your thought work also plays a big role here. We like to distract ourselves in everyday life. In a big and in a small way. This includes the - almost senseless - consumption - not only of goods, but also of food. Thanks to the Internet, not a second goes by without us being entertained. And if that's not enough, we watch one series after another. The "wrong job" - that is, a job that doesn't suit you or too much work - is also a form of distraction.

It may be more comfortable to live that way - at least for a while. In fact, it seems easier for some to work incredibly hard than to listen to their own voice. It's no coincidence that so many people in our European society in particular suffer from burnout. We perform non-stop while shoveling ourselves full of distractions. What comes up short in the process? We have actively forgotten to listen to our body. We ignore its signals when it needs a break. We even fail to regenerate it. With European Ayurveda® we want to counteract this.

Your Retreat with European Ayurveda®
The Panchakarma cure is perfect for your retreat.

Your EA® Retreat with Panchakarma, Balance or Detox Cures

All our treatments take place at our EA Resort in Hinterthiersee. A quiet place, very close to nature, which contributes significantly to your deceleration. This is important so that your mind really arrives in the present. That means: not dwelling on the past and not already planning ahead. This is the only way to get an unfiltered snapshot of your state. In the hotel itself, a team of experts will take care of putting together a program for you that is individually tailored to your needs. This is preceded by a consultation with pulse diagnosis.

A Panchakarma cure, for example, is divided into three phases: Detoxification, cleansing and rebuilding. In addition to a diet tailored to your needs, special Ayurvedic massages are used to accompany the cleansing process. Your program is rounded off with yoga and meditation. On the one hand so that you can feel your body, ground yourself and become one with it, and on the other hand to free yourself from burdening energies or negative thought processes. Panchakarma is very intensive and is therefore also called the queen of all Ayurvedic cures.

A 7-day Panchakarma cure for home has developed author and TV actress Andrea Kathrin Loewig. In close cooperation with Elisabeth Mauracher and Gaurav Sharma, she has tested methods, delicious dishes and gentle applications that anyone can easily apply at home. All the expertise, you can read in her newly published book "Ayurveda: The 7-day Panchakarma cure at home". You can find it in our store.

The EA® Detox Cures are especially helpful if you want to free yourself from ballast (even too much body weight can be ballast) and strengthen your immune system. The focus is on physical and mental detoxification. Balance cures, on the other hand, focus on regeneration and are particularly suitable for strengthening the immune system. Which cure is the right one for you can be clarified in advance in a non-binding conversation. It is characteristic for the EA® Retreat that there is no electromagnetic radiation in your room. Because sleep as a natural means of regeneration has a very central meaning in European Ayurveda®. And a little Digital Detox only supports the effect that your well-deserved time-out should have in the end: that you feel like newborn.

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