Anti-aging with Ayurveda

Anti-aging with Ayurveda

Forever young! The dream of eternal youth is probably as old as mankind itself. Closely connected with this dream is the desire for health, beauty and youthful agility. In addition, our desires are reinforced by the constant rain of the media. By setting us a certain ideal of beauty as a standard. And this does not show a person in old age. At least not in the western world.

In Ayurveda, aging is seen as a natural process and is welcomed as such. Unlike in the Western perception, it is simply part of our life and as such it is also cared for with Ayurveda. Anti-aging with Ayurveda is therefore not a counter-attitude to aging per se, but shows a way how to counteract unnatural premature aging with Ayurveda. Thus, anti-aging with Ayurveda is a mindful process that is like a guide to a healthier life and to a healthier relationship with one's own age.

Anti-aging: What does aging mean?

An entire industry thrives on our desire to slow down the aging process. Many people try to stop or even reverse the aging process with injections or even surgery! But it is our western lifestyle that is responsible for the accelerated aging process. First and foremost, an unconscious, unhealthy diet that is not tailored to one's own needs. Work-related to private stress, which takes us away from our center. Too little or too poor sleep, because we also want to use the regeneration phase for our performance. And then of course the separation of body, mind and soul. This goes so far that we lead a life that neither allows our potential to unfold nor our dreams to come true. 

Thus, we age visibly prematurely with hair that turns gray far too early, sallow, wrinkled skin, and health complaints that rob us of additional vital energy. Such prospects are frightening. No wonder that old age is then seen as an evil. An Ayurvedic lifestyle gives you the knowledge and the tools to age well, healthy and above all happy. 

Anti-aging with Ayurveda
With Ayurveda you can live an effective anti-aging program.

How does anti-aging work with Ayurveda?

Ayurveda does not give you eternal youth. This is also not natural. According to the Hindu Trinity, we come into being with the Creator God Brahma, exist with the sustaining energy of Vishnu and pass away with Shiva. So it is not THAT you age, but HOW you age that matters. But how does this aging process occur? 

As usual in Ayurveda, our life phases are also determined by doshas. As a child, we need more Kapha because we are growing. Our youth, in turn, is determined by Pitta. It gives us fire and energy for our performance. And the older we get, the more Vata becomes noticeable. 

Vata represents dryness, coldness, restlessness and irregularity. These qualities are fine if they are in balance with the other doshas. But if you have too much Vata, then these qualities are also amplified. Consequence: signs of aging, which are natural in themselves, appear much earlier and intensified. With this knowledge and the knowledge about your individual Dosha constitution, you can contribute a lot, especially with your diet, to bring this process back into the natural balance. But there are many more possibilities to make your anti-aging with Ayurveda even more effective.

Panchakarma, the queen of Ayurvedic cures, for your Detox

We do not usually grow up with Ayurvedic knowledge in the West. Much more we will come in contact with it during our life, because we want to change our diet or are confronted with intolerances. Through an unconscious diet, toxins and toxins settle in our body. In Ayurveda, this is called Ama, which could block the natural flow of our organs. 

To eliminate Ama from our body regularly and effectively, a Panchakarma cure is suitable. You will be freed from toxins effectively and efficiently with various Ayurvedic treatments. It is important to have professional guidance so that you can detoxify according to your constitution. The intensive, cleansing effect of Panchakarma is also a good learning path: First, you learn your personal Dosha constitution. Secondly, you learn which foods you should eat and which you should rather leave out. 

There are different intensities and lengths of Panchakarma treatments. But it is good to do one at least every two years. Preferably far away from your usual environment, so that you can concentrate on yourself. Learn more about our Panchakarma treatments at Sonnhof here.

Do you want to do something good for yourself? Then try a Panchakarma cure at home. The actress and TV doctor Andrea Kathrin Loewig has developed in collaboration with our EA® experts Elisabeth Mauracher and Gaurav Sharma a very individual Panchakarma cure for your own four walls. In her book: "Ayurveda: the 7-day Panchakarma cure for at home" she gives valuable tips for purification, offers a lot of background knowledge and brings delicious recipes for healthy cooking. You can buy the book in our store.

Rasayana cure - for your regeneration

Anti-aging with Ayurveda
Ayurvedic cures are crucial for an optimal detox program.

In Ayurveda, so-called rasayanas are understood to be "rejuvenating" agents. More precisely, these are various, very high-quality herbal or mineral mixtures that have a regenerating effect. In European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof we therefore offer a special Rasayana cure. This is specifically designed to bring the out-of-balance doshas back into balance. Rasayanas are also used, which support the regeneration of the body and organs. The cure is particularly suitable if you are weak and have a weakened immune system.

Anti-aging with regularity 

Vata has the property of irregularity. Therefore, you can skillfully counteract it with regularity. This may sound boring. But regularities are also rituals. And these are sensual and beautiful. If you consider regularities as such rituals, then they are like precious little gifts to yourself. And these can look like this - for your anti-aging:

  • Take your meals warm, freshly cooked and regularly.
  • Go to bed at the same time every day, make sure you get a good, restful and ample sleep.
  • Get up at the same time - and not too late - every day.
  • Drink hot water every day. Simply boil the water for 20 minutes and sip it throughout the day.
  • Oil your body regularly, let the oil take effect and then take a shower. It is best to use a high-quality sesame oil - also available in our online store.
  • Massage your scalp to activate blood circulation. Discover our oils for this in our online store.
  • The dietary supplement Chyavanprash, the Amla fruit puree, has a balancing effect on all three doshas. Take one to two teaspoons pure daily. Chyavanprash is also available in our online store.

Anti-aging for mind and soul

You will take a lot of knowledge, insight and inspiration with you after an Ayurvedic cure to automatically advance your personal anti-aging. In this context, inner satisfaction also plays a major role. We cannot say it often enough: body, mind and soul belong together. If one element is out of balance, everything is out of balance. For this reason, taking care of your mind and soul is also an anti-aging issue. The happier you are, the more radiant and vital you will be:

  • Meditate regularly to calm your mind and strengthen your brain activity.
  • Practice yoga regularly to exercise and massage your organs from the inside.
  • Watch what you say and what you think: words are powerful. You can hurt others with them, but also yourself. So also be good to yourself in your formulations and in your statements about yourself.

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