The 4 best yoga exercises for the abdominal muscles

Yoga boat to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Strengthened abdominal muscles are central to a stable core and harmonised energy distribution. We have put together 4 simple yoga exercises for you, with which you can specifically train your abdominal muscles. Also suitable for beginners! Yoga for the abdomen: how to strengthen your core Your abdominal muscles are irreplaceable as support for the abdominal area. The spine and the [...]

5 Yoga exercises for shoulder and neck tension

Yoga Dolphin Pose

It is not only people with office jobs who are burdened by tension every day. Hardly anyone has not experienced shoulder and neck tension - sitting for long periods of time, bad posture or simply stress are common factors that strain us. Yet even a few simple yoga exercises can help you relieve tension! Why yoga is ideal against [...]

Yoga against stress: 4 simple and relaxing exercises

Anti Stress Yoga with Pranayama

Yoga is not considered an effective remedy for relaxation for nothing. Regular yoga can relieve tension and build up sustainable stress resistance. In this way, you can also protect yourself from burnout. If you feel like you desperately need relaxation, try our 4 selected anti-stress exercises! 4 Anti-Stress Yoga Exercises Without a lot of talking, show [...]

Pranayama: The best way to do the right abdominal breathing

Woman doing yoga exercises

Pranayama - this refers to the bringing together of body and mind through breathing exercises. Abdominal breathing is the be-all and end-all for the success of many yoga exercises. You can draw healing power from conscious breathing. Find out here how you too can experience the beneficial effects of pranayama. Healing through relaxation: the right breathing makes [...]